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Prosecuted Innocence is the story of sixteen-year-old orphan Trystin Brock's struggles against a vindictive and corrupt criminal justice system. Falsely accused and arrested for a crime he did not commit; he naively believes in the ideology “…innocent until proven guilty…”

The story follows Brock’s tribulations through arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing, while spunky defense attorney, Cindy Tass, “…the criminal justice system looks for justice, not necessarily the truth…”  continues the fight—taking on corrupt politicians, an ambitious prosecutor, and a judge with an agenda—long after her young client is sentenced to twenty-eight years in a maximum-security prison.

In a tense and dramatic confrontation during a senate subcommittee hearing that questions the ramification of incarcerating juveniles as adults, Brock confronts Senator Barre, the statesman responsible for his incarceration.

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Trail of Bodies is the story of a serial killer called "Shadow Man", who plies his trade in and around the glitter and pomp of “Sin City”, Las Vegas, Nevada, where he prowls the Internet hunting pedophiles. Reese Daniels, heir and Chinese-American grandson of R.B. Daniels Industries founder, is an enigmatic recluse who rarely leaves the confines of the isolated ranch. A martial arts expert in the practice of Wu Shu, Reese speaks fluent Chinese, keeps a feral coyote as a pet, controls the reins of Daniels Industries by teleconference and fax machine, and is law enforcement’s primary "Shadow Man" suspect.

After a
nother "Shadow Man" liquidation occurs Sheriff Cody Austin vows to bring Reese Daniels to justice. In a vein of esprit décor he contacts FBI agent MacKenzie Stevens, but rather than cooperation from the ambitious agent, Sheriff Austin finds himself comically butting heads with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Daniels and Agent Stevens have a final confrontation inside the Tropicana Casino, multi-millionaire Reese Daniels’s latest acquisition; one walks away unscathed.

(Trail Of Bodies remains in pre-production for a feature-length film.)

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Spring came early to the rugged Oklahoma Territories in the mid-1870s. After finishing his chores, Sam Heateson sets out with his younger brother, Joshua, in search of an enormous buck he had been trailing for weeks. Shortly after they enter the wild hinterland of southern Oklahoma’s Red River region, the boys find themselves captured by a band of renegade Comanche Indians. Sam offers himself—a sacrifice—in exchange for the release of his brother. He’s taken to the Indians’ village for execution, where he faces impending death with such bravery the tribe’s chieftain, Kwanashee, intervenes and adopts him as his son, takes him under his wing and teaches him the way of the Comanche warrior, which sets off a chain of events that forever changes their lives…and possibly history.

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   Indentured servitude, human trafficking, murder and deep-cover covert police
   operations come together in Shadow Of The River. Legalized gambling
   converts sleepy Chester, West Virginia, into the Midwest’s answer to Atlantic

Carlos Sanchez, owner of the Pot-O-Gold Casino and Racetrack, is a respected
   self-made millionaire; underneath the polished façade is a ruthless kingpin
   who operates one of the largest human trafficking enterprises in the nation.
   Sanchez receives information that his operation has been infiltrated by an under-
   cover cop, uses his corrupt influence, aided by rogue outlaw biker Rock
   Matthias, to unmask the cop’s identity.

Richard Lance Keller’s (natural born loser) goal to win the annual demolition derby goes up in smoke with cataclysmic results when a practical joke pushes him beyond the brink of sanity.

As a child Skylar Heck could think of no greater vocation than joining the prestigious West Virginia State Police, but after graduation from the police academy, he discovers not all troopers walk the straight and narrow.

West Virginia State Police Captain Zane Chance has been deep undercover too long; he’s lost his moral compass. He lives in constant fear of exposure, grows increasingly paranoid, self destructive and delusional about the purpose of his assignment.

The Chester Days Street Festival Parade draws all the players together for a final, explosive conclusion.


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When federal judge David Seymore’s teenage son is kidnapped from the exclusive boys’ academy he attends in northeast Ohio, His Honor uses all of his power and influence inside the Washington D.C. beltway—through a personal relationship with the deputy director of the CIA—to activate a long retired “black ops” agent to locate and rescue his son.


Deputy Director John Mycroft invokes a little used, top secret presidential directive to resurrect his top assassin. The DDCIA conceals the clandestine search for Livingston “Todd” Seymore from the highest levels of government by hiding it under the ambiguous umbrella of national security, and unleashes upon the sleepy community of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, a man called Phoenix.


With the aid of Mycroft’s young CIA computer whiz kid, and with the assistance of young Seymore’s “brat pack, Musketeer” school chums, Phoenix trails the gang of kidnappers to their lair, where a violent confrontation erupts and leaves the bucolic Ohio community reeling with a body count the likes of which it has never experienced.
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