Born and raised in northeast Ohio, 1973 high school graduate, Kent State University (1973-1977), my first career choice was to become an attorney. While attending K.S.U., however, I discovered L.E.A.P (Law Enforcement Assistance Program), which  paid police officers to further their education.

Taking into consideration how hard I was working (two jobs) to pay for college, and taking into consideration the government apparently thought it unfair I was slaving the way I was, and they were willing to pick up the bill, I joined the force.

An adrenaline junky, I enjoyed the excitement of public safety and ended up making a career of it. Thirty-one years later (detective, retired) I still reside in northeast Ohio (which I lovingly refer to as Snow-High-O; what can you expect from a state that begins and ends in zero?), dividing my time between writing and the many, many hobbies I’ve acquired over the years: weightlifting, martial arts, archery, K-9 training, reading, and more reading, and even more reading·...the list goes on and on.

That’s me in a nutshell; I wish only the best to you my friends and fans.