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          Graphics designer Elizabeth Croft's
          home page; with an alternate link:



For those looking for a tattoo artist check out




In the event you've been sleeping in a coffin—obviously having dozed off reading my web page—with no idea who Emo Phillips is; he's the funniest man alive, maybe deceased, jurists are deadlocked.

I had the privilege of hanging out with Emo in Cleveland after one of his shows.

Not only is Emo Phillips the consummate entertainer, he's genuinely a very, very nice person.

Sorry Emo, didn't mean to ruin your reputation.
To check out his hilarious web page, click on the famous guy...or you can click Emo's picture if you'd rather.


Meet Mr. Johnny Wu, the movie producer/director
trying to turn Trail Of Bodies into a feature length film.
Check out MDI FIlms.


                                Jeff Yanik (Mr. Wu's first assistant),
                                Johnny Wu, and yours truly at the press
                                party for the World Premiere of Mr. Wu's
                                feature-length film, The Rapture.


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Web page of author Anne Lowery

The Coiling Dragon Kung-Fu/Wu-Shu Studio

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