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FREE Book Giveaway


You read that right; I’m giving away a limited number of copies of my latest novel, A Liquidation Sanction, absolutely FREE.


You can read the dustcover, marketing text description of the book by clicking on the BOOKSTORE tab, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the book cover to read the first chapter. Once you decide the novel fits your reading preferences, you can acquire your copy (electronic file in .pdf format, make sure your device is compatible) by sending an email request. Click on the CONTACT tab for the email address, and follow the instructions, explicitly.


The Terms of Service agreement stipulations are spelled out in the email that comes with the file. They cover basic copyright and limited use agreement information, legal notices and violation warnings, all the legal mumbo-jumbo the attorneys insist upon, but nothing so cumbersome it makes acquiring the book difficult.


It essentially states that the file is for exclusive, one time use by the recipient, and warns you not forward it to friends, neighbors, Auntie Dorothy, Grandpa Shorty, et cetera; when finished reading you must delete the file from your device.


Of course I hope you like it well enough to recommend it to fellow readers but ask that they, as did you, request their own copy by email. That way I have an idea of how many units have been distributed.


Think about it, it’s a free book for the asking, so let them ask; it’s only fair I know how many copies were distributed.


I’m hoping some jackass doesn’t muddle things up by not following the Terms of Service agreement, but should that happen, I, of course, reserve the right to terminate the giveaway (more attorney speak) without notice.